Monte Nido® Eating Disorder Treatment Center

RainRock: A Residential Treatment Facility for Women - A Monte Nido Affiliate
Services Offered
  • Individualized treatment for adult women in a home with only 15 residents
  • Evidence based and state-of-the-art protocols
  • Experienced and dedicated staff that includes recovered professionals
  • A high success rate demonstrated in our outcome study
  • Joint Commission Accredited
  • A natural environment proven to be conducive to healing
  • Higher amount of individual therapeutic sessions
  • Group therapy that solidifies and establishes other components of treatment
  • Family therapy including individual family sessions, weekly multi-family groups and once a month 3-day family weekend
  • Unique level system that meets the client where the client and is re-evaluated as client progresses through the program at her own pace

A Letter from Rain Rock's Clinical Director:


It is a privilege to be the Clinical Director of RainRock Treatment Center. RainRock is a residential treatment center for eating disorders offering group therapy, individual therapy, nutrition counseling, meal support, yoga, exercise support, and 24-hour nursing. We welcome women suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, and Exercise Addiction. Nestled along the McKenzie River, outside of Eugene Oregon, RainRock offers a beautiful and tranquil setting to begin your recovery.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders for the past decade, I am honored to help women overcome their struggles. I believe that every individual has the strength and ability to change and achieve happiness in life. RainRock offers just the healing and supportive environment for this change.

Warm Regards,
Kimberly Klose, MS, LPC
Clinical Director, Rain Rock

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