Monte Nido® Eating Disorder Treatment Center
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OfficeUsing the same philosophy and protocols of Monte Nido and Affiliates, Eating Disorder Center of Eugene (EDCE) is a day treatment and intensive outpatient program near the University of Oregon. We treat adult and adolescent females and males.

The EDCE offers intensive treatment and skill building, while clients practice what they have learned outside of program hours.

Residential programs are often necessary however, Day Treatment and Intensive outpatient treatment are important levels of care. In these settings clients are provided structure including; individual therapy, group therapy, nutrition counseling, meal planning and supervision and yet also have the opportunity to go home or stay in our transition house where they practice what they are learning.

Individual sessions and groups are specifically designed to help people set goals for their time spent outside of the program and then follow up sessions to discuss the successes and set-backs of these experiences.

The EDCE is available for clients who:
- want more support than outpatient therapy but do not need a more intensive level of care
- are not sure what they need but want to try day treatment as an option
- are transitioning from a 24hr setting to the Eugene area and need a step down program

At the EDCE clients learn to:
* Challenge cognitive distortions around food, weight, body image
* Arrest eating disorder behaviors and gain symptom control
* Learn new coping strategies for coping with a variety of feelings and issues
* Develop lifelong conscious eating habits, using nutrition education and body awareness
* Learn and practice affect tolerance and emotional regulation
* Develop the ability to reach out and use others as support

To the Professional:
If you are considering EDCE as a treatment option for your client's eating or exercise disorder, the following are some important things for you to know:

* When you have a client you think might need our service, call our central office at (310) 457-9958 to give us information about the client, and to get any of your questions answered.

* You can give your client our contact information and suggest they call us to have their questions answered and to set up the time and date for a phone interview (We can also arrange for them to have a tour at the facility or speak to an EDCE alum).

* We want your involvement with any client who comes to us. We believe that a smooth transition and a good follow-up plan after treatment is an essential part of client success. From the very beginning of a client's treatment at the EDCE, we will consult with you about your knowledge of the client and your hopes in referring them to treatment. Then, throughout the process (according to your desire and the clients approval) the client's primary therapist will consult with you about ongoing issues.

* If possible, we like to encourage a client to continue to see their outside therapist while they are in treatment. This provides time for the client to discuss issues they are dealing with and encourages ongoing connection.

If you are available, we encourage you to have sessions in person, on the phone or through skype and attend at least one weekly staff meeting to hear the entire staff's assessment of the client's progress.

When a clients step down to our three day a week program, it is essential that they see their outside therapist and, if possible, attend any groups they plan to attend after treatment. During the step-down phase of treatment clients are expected to experiment with challenging situations and demonstrate their ability to utilize the support network they will continue with after treatment.


We value the input of referring therapists and other treatment professionals who are or have been involved in the client's recovery process.

A smooth transition and good follow-up plan is an essential part of client success.

For more information on the EDCE please contact 310.457.9958.