Monte Nido® Eating Disorder Treatment Center
"All my limitations are self-imposed, and my liberation can only come from true self-love."

Max Robinson

about the program
What To Expect

We believe in a collaborative and individualized program for anorexia treatment, bulimia treatment and exercise addiction treatment. Your treatment plan and length of stay will be individually tailored to your needs. Throughout your stay you will be asked to fill out and sign treatment contracts that you help create with the treatment team. Contracts are a way of spelling out what you and our staff agree are your goals each week in a variety of areas. Contracts include goals regarding weight, meal planning and exercise. Other areas addressed in the contract involve individualized behavior, family and relationship goals.

Your contract will be based on your present symptoms, underlying psychological issues, physical status, and your personal goals. Our team of professionals will monitor your progress and provide the necessary feedback to you and your support system, for evaluation and advancement in the program.

In the beginning, our staff assists you in setting up a fairly structured contract. This helps to insure initial success in overcoming your destructive eating, exercise, thinking and behavior patterns. As you progress and your confidence grows, you are asked to create a less structured contract in order to practice your newly acquired skills with less external control. Our staff will always be available to assist you in this process. Finally, our goal is to prepare you for graduation from the program and re-entry into your life. Therefore, before you leave you should be on a plan that is highly self-initiated and self-monitored. This will provide you with the experience of living your life free of your disordered symptoms and will be a natural transition to aftercare.

Below are some of the guidelines which you can expect:

  1. Upon admission, you will meet with a staff member who will give you an overview of the rules and guidelines of our program and explain our unique, individual contract and level system.

  2. Initially you will be following our Entry Level Protocol while we are assessing your needs and beginning to develop your treatment plan. You can expect to be called from group activities often during the first two to three days for purposes of assessment and evaluation. These first few days are the hardest. We try to give you time to settle in and get to know us. We realize you will feel like you have turned your life over to us and we know we will need to earn your trust.

  3. Usually within the first 1 - 4 days, you will be assigned a primary therapist who will meet with you 3 times a week (day treatment twice per week). Your therapist and other staff members will help you create your treatment contracts.

  4. Goals and contracts are made and reviewed in weekly Contract Group and staffing meetings. Throughout the week you will be working on and discussing your contract goals with your primary therapist, other treatment team members and your peers.

  5. If possible and appropriate, your family members or support system will be encouraged to attend the Family/Significant Other Group. This group will help educate your significant others about eating and exercise disorders and promote better communication and understanding. The effect of your disorder on your loved ones as well as underlying causes for your problems will be discussed. Your significant others will learn what supports you and what sabotages you. Your therapist will also want to have sessions with you and your significant others unless otherwise indicated. Once a month we have a Family Weekend. This is a valuable aspect of our program and we will explain it to you and your family in detail. Phone sessions are offered when families or significant others cannot attend.

  6. You may leave the facility by obtaining a pass. You must fill out a pass request form which must be approved by your therapist and the clinical director or administrator. Clients on level I and II will get family and staff passes only. As you progress through the level system, you will get an increasing number of passes. You will eventually be able to go on pass with a friend and then by yourself. We use passes as a way of helping you test your recovery. The Monte Nido philosophy includes a "mentor" program and utilizes recovered "mentors" to assist clients with passes.

  7. Throughout your stay at a Monte Nido program you will work on discharge planning to arrange for a smooth transition back into your life. The treatment team and your therapist will help you develop a specific aftercare plan with outside treatment referrals. Your plans for aftercare will be finalized in your discharge paperwork, which is filled out prior to your graduation.

  8. Upon leaving a Monte Nido facility, you will have a graduation ceremony. This is an important event where you will reflect upon what you have learned and accomplished, and state what your intention for your new life will be. Graduation ceremonies are a very powerful part of your experience at Monte Nido. You will most likely attend other graduation ceremonies prior to having your own, which will help you understand the importance of this Monte Nido tradition.