Monte Nido® Eating Disorder Treatment Center
"All my limitations are self-imposed, and my liberation can only come from true self-love."

Max Robinson

about the program
Team Members/Staff

Executive Director
The executive director of all of our programs is Carolyn Costin. You can read more about her on the staff page devoted exclusively to her. Although Carolyn is most involved with the original facility at Monte Nido in California, continuing to run groups and see clients there, she oversees all of the affiliates. It is Carolyn's philosophy, combined with the state-of-the-art treatment accepted in the field of eating disorders, that provides the protocols and overall guidance for all of our programs. Carolyn trains staff members by bringing them to the original Monte Nido facility and providing in-service trainings at each site. Carolyn continues to be active in the eating disorder professional community, staying updated on any recent developments. She stays connected to the affiliates, passing on new information and providing continued supervision and guidance through in-person visits as well as telephone and video conferencing. It is Carolyn's responsibility to ensure the continued quality of all programs, maintaining the standards that produced success at the original site.

Clinical Director
Our clinical director oversees all clinical staff and each client's treatment. It is the clinical director's duty to provide training and clinical inservice to the staff, assist in facilitating staff meetings, and make overall clinical decisions. The clinical director is responsible for overseeing communication with outside professionals, community resources, referrals, significant others and also runs groups and performs individual sessions on an as-needed basis. It is the clinical director's responsibility to ensure that the treatment needs of all clients are being met and documented. The clinical director coordinates all clinical materials used at the facility. The clinical director works directly with the administrator concerning every aspect of the Monte Nido Program. The clinical director is responsible for coordinating all clinical issues with the rest of the staff. The clinical director and the administrator ensure that all clinical staff are properly performing and documenting their assessment and treatment services (e.g., psychosocials, individual therapy, contracts, group content, charting, etc.) These two staff members share the responsibility of being on call 24 hours a day.

The program administrator is the on-site manager of each Monte Nido Program between 9:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. Working closely with the staff, our program administrator oversees the overall day-to-day functioning of the facility. The program administrator is responsible for personnel records, licensing requirements, staff scheduling, auditing of client charts, medical records, and inservices. In conjunction with the clinical director, the program administrator's duties may include facilitating staff meetings, program and staff development, evaluation, and clinical supervision. Public relations and marketing are part of the administrator's role. The program administrator makes provisions for the carrying out of the clinical director's responsibilities during any absences. Additionally, our program administrators often are skilled in other areas and may facilitate activities, groups and individual or family sessions with clients as needed.

Medical Director
The medical director is the attending physician. The medical director is responsible for monitoring all clients' physical status while at a Monte Nido Program. The medical director will oversee or provide the history, physical and medical clearances necessary for admission. Most clients choose to use their own physician, in which case our medical director will review and approve the medical clearance. In liaison with the attending psychiatrist and the multi-disciplinary treatment team, the medical director assists in treatment services for each client and is available for clinical, medical and medication consultations. The medical director interfaces with attending practitioners and makes any appropriate referrals to outside specialists. In the event that a client needs a higher level of care, the medical director, in conjunction with the clinical director, will arrange for admission and treatment until the client is able to return to the Monte Nido Program.

Attending Psychiatrist
All Monte Nido programs have a psychiatrist who performs an initial psychiatric evaluation for each client and follows each client throughout her stay. In conjunction with the physician, the attending psychiatrist prescribes medication and supervises the treatment of each client. The psychiatrist works with the entire treatment team to develop and carry out the treatment plan devised for each client. In addition, the psychiatrist is on call for emergencies.

We have a variety of therapists. Therapists conduct group, individual and family therapy sessions throughout the week. Every client is assigned a primary therapist who provides individual therapy 3 times per week (2 times/week in day treatment) and acts as a case manager. The primary therapists direct the development and implementation of their client's individualized treatment plan. The primary therapist requests records from and works in conjunction with any previous or current therapist or other professional involved in the client's treatment. If clients have their own therapist and wish to continue sessions with that therapist during their stay at a Monte Nido Program, our staff will make the necessary arrangements. Phone sessions are arranged for out-of-town therapists.

Staff counselors are available to help clients interact effectively with the program. Counselors supervise specific program activities, collect and record important information, assist with orientation, and are available for assistance, support and problem-solving. Counselors may assist in meal preparation, observation after meals, supervising exercise and any other activities assigned by the program administrator or other senior staff member. All counselors are responsible for reporting clinical and other pertinent information to the rest of the treatment team.

Dietitian and Nutrition Counselors
Registered dietitians are an important part of our program. These individuals educate clients about nutrition and design meal plans to effect positive changes on eating habits and nutritional status. After a nutritional assessment, each client meets with the dietitian weekly to assist in determining ideal body weight, meal plan and nutrition goals. A dietitian also teaches the Nutrition Group, which includes skills for healthy eating and weight maintenance. The following are other duties shared by the dietitians: a) working with the cook to plan shopping and meal preparation for each client, b) helping each client with independent meal planning, c) taking clients to restaurants and grocery stores for nutritional life skills training, d) assisting with our facility shop and cook activity and e) independent cooking.

Residential Supervisor
Residential supervisors are responsible for clients at the facility overnight and early morning (approximately 10 p.m. to 9 a.m.). These staff members are available to assist in the care and supervision of all clients' household needs and are available for any emergencies. If needed, the house residential supervisors will aid in the morning wake up, weigh-ins, vital signs, breakfast, and morning exercise.

Administrative Assistant/Intake Coordinator
Each Monte Nido facility has its own administrative assistant and intake coordinator. They are in charge of facilitating the smooth admission and discharge of clients to and from their site. This person or persons may take direct intake calls at their site or be referred clients from our main administrative office. In either case, all admissions will be coordinated with the staff in the main office, in Malibu California.

Our administrative assistants and intake coordinators help determine if Monte Nido is an appropriate choice and, if so, do everything they can to get clients into a Monte Nido facility as soon as possible. They are the liaison to all Monte Nido programs during the waiting period prior to admission and arrange for potential clients to tour our facilities. These staff members coordinate every aspect of admission in conjunction with the on-site staff.

Program Coordinator
All Monte Nido programs have an on-site program coordinator who assists with all aspects of admission and discharge for each client. Program coordinators work with the administration office to verify the necessary documents before final admission to the facility. The program coordinator sets up the client's chart, assists in client supervision and performs secretarial and office duty functions. The program coordinator is also responsible for all discharge protocols and paperwork. Additionally, the program coordinator assists the administrator and clinical director in all of their duties.

Certified Fitness Instructor/Exercise Staff
Our fitness instructors will assess all clients in order to design an individualized fitness program to suit the client's ability and needs. The fitness instructor will work with the treatment team to provide education and fitness training. The fitness instructor will assist clients with their exercise goals and in developing a healthy, balanced fitness program. The fitness instructor develops and supervises individual and group workouts. In addition, the Monte Nido Programs employ staff in other areas of fitness and recreation, e.g., yoga, dance, and movement.