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Medication Treatment

An Innovative Approach to Medication Treatment: Referenced EEG (rEEG)

Medication treatment can often be a disheartening process for clients with eating disorders. Clients often come to us having tried a number of different medications with little or no success. Psychiatric treatment can be a trial-and-error process that is often lengthy, costly, and unsatisfactory in its outcome.

We offer at Monte Nido an innovative assessment technique, the rEEG, to ascertain what, if any, medication is appropriate for our clients.

rEEG has guided the treatment of thousands of patients. In addition, the scientists studying rEEG have demonstrated its effectiveness in blinded and unblinded prospective trials with treatment-refractory patients. In one study, 86% of refractory patients significantly improved with rEEG guided treatment as compared to 17% of patients treated by standard, psychiatric medication practice. In another study of 100 patients, EEG markers correctly predicted treatment outcome 87% of the time.

Monte Nido's own results with the use of rEEG are equally impressive.

Read more about our Psychiatrist, Dr. Hamlin Emory, and his treatment protocol.

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