Monte Nido® Eating Disorder Treatment Center
"All my limitations are self-imposed, and my liberation can only come from true self-love."

Max Robinson

about the program
The Individual Therapy

The Monte Nido program places a high priority on individualized plans and individual therapy as provided by Carolyn Costin, LMFT and Community Counseling. Each client has a therapist she sees three times a week, in addition to individual sessions with the clinical director, neuropsychiatrist and registered dietitian at least once a week. The therapists are assigned only two clients at a time so their attention is not divided among a number of clients. Additionally and most unique, the individual therapists, as well as other staff members eat meals with clients on a regular basis, run groups, and spend time at Monte Nido doing other activities. This promotes a bonding between therapist and client that is very strong. The therapist has a chance to see the client at her most difficult times, for example during a meal, and the therapist can serve as a role model for many situations.

Individual Therapy