Monte Nido® Eating Disorder Treatment Center
"All my limitations are self-imposed, and my liberation can only come from true self-love."

Max Robinson

about the program
Annie Laughlin

When I first began working at Monte Nido, I knew that I had found a place of true healing for body and soul.

My time with Carolyn at Monte Nido kindled a passion within me to create a similar place where more women could find the balance, restoration, purpose, and ultimately recovery that this special program offers.

After moving to the Pacific Northwest I quickly discovered the need for a program like Monte Nido here. RainRock, situated along the serenely flowing McKenzie River, is just such a place. After finding RainRock and joining forces with Carolyn, we created another center for healing that Monte Nido can proudly call an affiliate facility. Here in this meditative environment you will find a gentle peace, and a unique connection to nature that will help facilitate true healing and recovery.


Annie Laughlin, M.A.

Annie Laughlin

Carolyn Costin & Annie Laughlin
Carolyn Costin & Annie Laughlin
Co-Founders of Rain Rock.